The Absolutely True Story of Me and DD


This will be a little weird but we all do it – there’s that space in ours heads that we reserve for the quiet conversations that no one should know about or be privy to. Well I’m giving you all a front row seat to the conversation in my head with Demi Lovato aka DD (that’s my nickname for her).

So 2017 was kind of a rough year for me. It was great as far as my personal growth (see my other blog on that bit) but it was hard AF to get through some of that shit. I saw a therapist who feels like she gave me some great advice on dealing with a familial relationship that was slowly killing me and making me a bitter, salty bitch. I casually mentioned its not like I can break up with ___ and immediately, a bulb went off in my head. And in true fashion (she’s taken credit for much of the shit I figured out and probably just needed a sounding board to validate) she told me to break up with them – in the figurative sense of course. Armed with a new plan of attack and desire to do all of me, I turned to my girl DD and she did not disappoint, fail or falter.

I’d previously resolved to move on after finally realizing my ex was a dirtbag sumumabitch and Sorry Not Sorry became my battle cry. Wailing it 30-50 times a day I became so good with our ending, the hurt, betrayal and decision to be friends and move the fuck on with a generous sprinkle of fuck yo feelings, bruh. DD told me all day, everyday, talk that talk, bih. Walk that walk, bih! Get it together, bih! I’ma call you Kimmy ’cause we’re unbreakable, bih! Cut your hair, be cute AF and look back at it, bih! But could the same thing work for other relationships in my life? So if you’re wondering can DD sing me out of any and every heartbreak that I encounter and carry me through to the grassy green promised land of loving me more?

Fuck. Yes.

If for some reason you lived under a rock the last few months and have never heard that magic musical stylings of DD or somehow never heard the anthem of every brokenhearted soul crushed by that failed spring fling or summer hookup, take a listen (I’m black so you’re getting the acoustic gospel version because we all know DD is the reincarnation of a sassy black aunty who died tragically in the Detroit riots). But let me tell you this woman opens her mouth and gives you all kinds of life!!! Its one thing to sing your face off but its something altogether different to sing everyone else’s face off (except Selena Gomez but that’s for another day). I cycled back through and like voila magic mojo makeover DD saved the day again. Its been nearly 3 months and DD is still at the top of my Napster and Amazon Music play history.

So thanks DD for being the girlfriend in my head, my musical therapist and all around vocal badass. I wasn’t a fan (I’m pretty sure I had my license when DD was born) but I learned there’s no age limits on love, truth, heartache and recovery. Here’s to you girl…now if only the tour included a stop in Houston instead of Dallas! I mean why hell Houston is poppin’ right now and yous pick Dallas??? I guess I’ll let this one slide but you lost out on a VIP experience with me, missy!